About the Council

Steeple Barton is a civil parish in West Oxfordshire. Most of the parish’s population live in the village of Middle Barton, one of two villages that comprise the Bartons (the other being Westcote Barton). The Bartons are a combined settlement on the River Dorn, equally distanced between Oxford and Banbury and close to Deddington, Bicester, Woodstock and Chipping Norton. The 2011 Census recorded Steeple Barton parish’s population as 1,523.

Much of the parish's eastern boundary is formed by the former turnpike between Oxford and Banbury, now classified the A4260 road. The minor road between Middle Barton and Kiddington forms part of the western boundary. Field boundaries form most of the rest of the boundaries of the parish.

In medieval times there was a sizeable settlement near Steeple Barton. However, following the Black Death and when the population was restored the people moved to the central part and this area was called Middle Barton. This is where most of the people live but is not a parish. Only Steeple Barton has a Parish Council, and this is the official site of that parish.

Steeple Barton Parish Council is a civil local authority and is the first tier of local government representing the local community, delivering services to meet local needs, and improving quality of life and community wellbeing. Parish Councillors are elected and perform their role on a voluntary basis. The community is also represented by other layers of government, at District Council (West Oxfordshire), County Council (Oxfordshire) and MP levels.

Steeple Barton Parish Council meets monthly to discuss parish needs. These meetings are attended by all Parish Councillors as well as our District and County Councillor representatives. Residents of the parish (parishioners) are encouraged to attend and share their views. Meetings are minuted and agendas are set out ahead of each meeting – these documents are available on this website for public record.

Please the contact the Clerk via email if you have questions concerning the work of the Parish Council, if you have any concerns that you feel the Council should be aware of or where it can help or support you.