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Steeple Barton is in North Oxfordshire, halfway between Oxford and Banbury and is one of two villages that comprise the Bartons, the other being Westcote Barton.

In medieval times there was a sizeable settlement near Steeple Barton. However, following the Black Death and when the population was restored the people moved to the central part and this area was called Middle Barton. This is where most of the people live but is not a parish. Only Steeple Barton has a parish council and this is the official site of that parish.

Please the contact the Clerk via email if you have questions concerning the work of the Parish Council, if you have any concerns that you feel the Council should be aware of or where it can help or support you.

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OurBus Bartons

12 August 2020

Good News!

OurBus Bartons is planning to re-start on August 22nd! 

We know you've missed us! 

OurBus Bartons will resume a limited bus service - subject to continuing Government restrictions - on Saturday 22nd to Deddington Farmers Market. OurBus will operate within the Covid guidelines with passengers and drivers will be required to wear masks at all times - there will be masks available for those who might have forgotten their own! Anti-Bac' will be available for the use of all passengers and the capacity of the bus will be reduced to ensure social distancing rules are being adhered to. 

On the new interim time-table we have printed the telephone number of OurBus to reserve your place. At this stage the numbers of passengers wanting to use the service are unknown, but we feel there is a pent-up demand that we want to respond to. 

Not all services will be running in the first instance, for example - Routes 1,2 & 5A will not run at all and ALL services in PURPLE have had time changes. As always we will be led by our passengers so let us know which service you would like to use.”


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