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Oxfordshire volunteers celebrated

7th June 2018

Oxfordshire County Council would like to thank our volunteers and all volunteers across Oxfordshire for the difference they make every day!

Volunteering in Oxfordshire is thriving with one voluntary organisation for every 289 people in the county and around 4,500 voluntary and community organisations across Oxfordshire – that’s significantly higher than the national average.

Oxfordshire County Council has approximately 3000 volunteers who do an amazing job in their communities - delivering books to people who can’t get to libraries, teaching children how to code, organising activities for adults with disabilities, and much, much more! 

The council also works with the voluntary sector to deliver local services and support thriving communities across Oxfordshire. This includes funding Oxfordshire Volunteers - a dedicated volunteering website for Oxfordshire. 

Councillor Mark Gray, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Local Communities, said: “Volunteering is clearly something that goes to the very core of who we are in Oxfordshire and we should definitely be proud of it and sing it from the rooftops.

“The message should go out loud and clear – thank you to Oxfordshire’s volunteers, you do us proud.”

Miriam Chappell from the OCVA (Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action) added: "Volunteering is of great benefit to our communities, but what often goes unsaid is the benefit it also has for the individual. Volunteering can be a way to make friends, do something different, and add a fresh routine to your life.

"Volunteering offers you the chance to gain new skills – whether you’re hoping to improve your confidence, develop an interest, or even change career. The wellbeing benefits of volunteering, from increased self-esteem to improved social connections, cannot be overstated."

There are volunteering opportunities to suit everyone - from volunteering for the National Trust, to whipping up your favourite bakes to sell, to driving people to appointments, to helping teach digital skills at your local library!


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