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The Bartons Traffic Calming Initial Village Consultation

11th December 2021

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A joint proposal between Steeple Barton Parish Council and Westcott Barton Parish Meeting has been prepared, in conjunction with Oxfordshire County Council Communities, for changes to the speed limits and the introduction of traffic calming measures throughout the two parishes. 

The proposals will include speed reductions, the extension of speed limit boundaries on some roads leading into the village, as well as some traffic calming features, such as buildouts on Enstone Hill and North Street and, if needed, in other locations.

 We encourage all residents of the Bartons to review the proposed changes and comment on the proposals during the consultation period.  

We are hosting an exhibition of the proposals in the Alice Marshall Hall on Saturday 18th December 2021 (between 10 am and 4 pm) when parishoner’s can come along and discuss the proposals and leave their comments. 

Please review the plan attached to this notice and fill in the questionnaire below to have your views heard. You can hand this in at the exhibition at the Alice Marshall Hall, or any time before the deadline to Middle Barton Shop. Alternatively, you can view this document and make your comments on the pproposals online at… 

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