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Oxford-Cambridge growth corridor & expressway - How to get our voices heard?

3rd April 2018

The Chancellor has backed the National Infrastructure Commission’s concept of an Oxford to Cambridge ‘Growth Corridor’ of a million new houses, of which 300,000 would be in Oxfordshire. That would be equivalent to six new cities the size of Oxford; or to put it another way would more than double our present housing stock and population by 2050.
Part of the growth scheme is a new Expressway – a Motorway in all but name – from Oxford to Cambridge to “facilitate” the development. 
At the moment this transformative change is being proposed without any public consultation. 
CPRE Oxfordshire is demanding a full statutory public consultation followed by a Public Inquiry, at which the clear environmental and social costs of the Growth Corridor can be weighed against the potential economic benefits envisaged.  This would also mean the need for and routing of any Oxfordshire Expressway would at least be decided in an open and transparent manner.
CPRE Oxfordshire is asking local residents to join its call for a Public Inquiry by contacting local councillors, MPs and the Secretary of State for Transport. 
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