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Nottingham door Knockers

23rd March 2024

It had been reported that Nottingham door Knockers are being dropped off in Cherwell and are currently operating in Middle Barton, Banbury, and Deddington areas,  we are aware a vulnerable adult has already been targeted. They are knocking on doors individually in these areas and are very persistent in the selling of their goods, these goods are sold at over inflated prices and are often substandard. Please do not engage with them.

 Often they can be rude and in some circumstances use aggressive language and are quite intimidating in order to get you to buy from them, they will engage in conversation and may well try to distract the resident whilst another goes to the rear of the property, please ensure side gates and any doors to the back of the property are secure if you should open the front door. Usually each item is £10.00, in most cases if they are paid with crumpled note they take it and move on, if it is flat and crisp or smells a bit musty as it has been kept in the property with other notes and is stored somewhere and they know there is a good possibility of more money being in the property. The information is noted and addresses of elderly and vulnerable people are sold on for a fee, if later on there is a burglary at a property from the supplied list they will also get a cut of the proceeds.  The list is then sold on and can be accessed by various people to commit further crimes including doorstep crime with rogue traders offering to help with repairs to the property, roofing, guttering, block paving hence being a repeat victim.

A Peddlers licence should be displayed at all times by anyone trying to sell items at your door and are issued by the police and it is not a laminated piece of card. Please check out  website for further information on peddlers licences.       


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