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County Councillor report Andy Graham Woodstock Division January 2024- News From Around the Villages and Towns

10th February 2024


Improvements to the Woodstock on street parking scheme are being finalised by County Officers with many positive contributions from residents and local businesses. The hope will be adjustments/improvements will take place and be implemented in the next 6 months.

30 to 20 mph reduced speed schemes to address pedestrian safety and reduce accidents on our highways have been agreed/approved in Woodstock and Sandford St. Martin. Tackley has its scheme up and running. Pedestrian safety measures already agreed with the Town Council will be scheduled for implementation over the next 4 months. Glympton and Kiddington are the final villages to ask for a scheme and plans will be drawn up before decision making later in the year.

Discussions between OCC and WODC are ongoing with a commitment to finding/building a library/hub. More news to follow.


New road signs have been agreed and are to be installed to discourage vehicles using the narrow Witney Road to Stonesfield


Catchment Areas Study /meeting taken place with county officers and Tackley Parish Council with recommendations to progress the scheme.


Flooding issues at/near Combe Bridge are being addressed with OCC/WODC highways and Blenheim as landowners. Awaiting schedule of agreed works-ongoing.

Household Waste and Recycling: OCC will no longer charge for small amounts of DIY waste (requires booking, up to 5 chargeable items or 1 plasterboard piece). The change will cost £0.5 a year. A new recycling service for vapes has also been introduced at all Oxfordshire HWRCs.

HGVs: A steering group of OCC councillors has been formed to inform the study into HGV movements in Woodstock and Bladon as part of a wide countywide study.  

*****************************NEWS IN BRIEF******************************

Bus fares: The £2 single bus fare cap has been extended to 31st December 2024

Electric buses: Now in service in Oxford


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