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Changes to Council Tax support set to help those most in need

9th December 2019

Residents on lower incomes are set to be better off thanks to proposed changes to their Council Tax support. 

Following a public consultation, a new banding scheme will see those with a weekly income of up to £125.99 receiving 100 per cent relief on their council tax. 

Those on up to £187.99 will have 75 per cent relief, up to £290.99 will have 50 per cent relief and up to £384.99 will have 25 per cent relief. Any household with an income of more than £385 will not be entitled to support. 

The upper limit for savings when considering relief has also been pushed up to £10,000 from £6,000 while the two child limit has also been removed to help larger and blended families have more disposable income. 

And should a household’s income increase into another band, there will now be an eight-week period when the original rate of relief will still apply. 

Mandy Fathers, Business Manager for Operational Support and Enabling at West Oxfordshire District Council, said: “The results of the public consultation showed residents were overwhelmingly in favour of these changes. 

“We recognise that this is a challenging economic climate and hopefully this will help the finances of those most in need.” 

The proposals are due to be considered at a meeting of the Council’s Cabinet on 18 December. If approved, the changes are set to be introduced from 1 April next year.


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