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Safe Roads for Middle Barton

22nd November 2019

Speeding traffic through Middle Barton has been a problem for many years and it is only a matter of time until someone is killed.

The B4030 is a fast and busy road that runs between Bicester and Chipping Norton and runs through Middle Barton as North Street, cutting the village in half. Middle Barton School and Pre-School are on one side, the majority of homes built in the last sixty years, on the other. Many families must cross this busy road twice a day. Vehicles accelerate on the road from Hopcrofts Holt and enter the village at speed. A limit of 30mph is in place within the village but other than signage, it is not enforced. Potholes, the twisting road and residents of North Street having to park on it, adds further danger. The village’s Lollipop crossing service was recently reduced to mornings only.

It is time for action. Focusing on the Councillor of our Ward and Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, Ian Hudspeth, we call on ALL of our elected representatives to: ensure a comprehensive traffic survey of the B4030 as it approaches and passes through Middle Barton (North Street) be completed by Oxfordshire County Council by 31st January 2020. The survey will consider current and future traffic patterns and set out costed recommendations of how to make the roads of Middle Barton safe for pedestrians. Safe Roads in Middle Barton will then work with all stakeholders to secure funding for those recommendations as quickly as possible.

Please sign the online petition, see link below.



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